GTPN Outline

The goal of the program is to provide effective and long-term support for scientific trainees in primate neurobiology in Germany and their embedding in this scientific network. The establishment of a permanent English-speaking graduate training program shall achieve this goal. The program will be coordinated in Göttingen and will offer German and international students in Germany individually organized and interdisciplinary training in Primate Neurobiology. Teaching locations will be distributed among Göttingen, Tübingen, and the Frankfurt/Marburg area.

GTPN Objectives

  • provide specific, multidisciplinary, and individualized training for doctoral students in primate neurobiology based on the scientific excellence of the participating partners
  • support the scientific exchange between all participating doctoral students (initially from Göttingen, Tübingen, Frankfurt, Marburg, and eventually other places)
  • target PhD students that are financed by this Research Unit, but also include other, external students in primate neurobiology as long as thematically related to the program topics.
  • develop a perspective to fulfill its objectives in the long run, i.e., well beyond the anticipated funding period of this program

GTPN Structure

Intense training courses will be offered for all participating students (twice per year for about a week) on particularly relevant topics in primate neurobiology (including: primate biology, behavior, medical  aspects, procedures, data analysis and data handling, as well as ethics,  law, and communication. Locations will alter between Göttingen, Tübingen, and Frankfurt/Marburg.

Research unit PIs will participate as PhD thesis  advisors in respective student thesis committees. Advisors from a different location than the student’s home institution shall participate to provide external expertise.

Student  visits in cooperating labs (at another location than the student’s lab) are offered to promote the exchange of methods and techniques.